Hi Period Lovers, how are you?

I know, many of you are looking and thinking that how can I say you are a Period Lover? Because most of you are just hate the bad condition during period, like changing pads time to time, often keep an eye on not to make a stain on the dress, not to jump, not to sleep as you like, not to swim and my god many more further stuff is on there.

But in this article, you will get the solution to the women’s problem that occurred during period i.e. the Menstrual Cycle also known as Periods. But friends, if you already know the information about “Sanitary Cup”, also known as Menstrual Cup”, then this article will guide you with complete information. Such as advantages and benefits, proper use, side effects, cheap and best cups in the market (As per your requirements) that be used during period. The following article index will be helpful for quick reading.

Problems during Period

Can not walk long

Can not jump

Can not swim

Can not sleep as wish

Inevitable Pain

Often changing pads

Keeping eye not to make a stain on the dress

Etc. problems occurs during period time.

Problems with the current solutions occurring during period

Previously women used to use clothes during period of their which is very unhygienic, and Presently, many women use pads, tampons, etc. but that has the following issues. Pads have issues like changing it often, fear of stain, should not swim, can not sleep as on their wish, etc. Tampons too have the same problems but we can’t sleep and swim on with it because we have to change tampons every 4 to 5 hours.

Hence it becomes very hard to control our emotions during this.

So, if anyone wanted to have a permanent solution then it is always to switch to the Menstrual Cup.

Menstrual Cup (Source: Amazon.in)

Because it has the following benefits.

Benefits of using Menstrual Cup during period

Health Benefits

Healthy and 100% safe due to flexible medical grade silicone

Does not leak out

Medically proven


Environmental friendly 


Financial Benefits

If you are a woman, using pads every time during period, then one only you are using 10,000 pads in your whole life which are non biodegradable. If any woman menopaused at the age of 50 then she is spending too much of money only for the periods. Which is the price of a new car today. Every time the price of the pads gets increased due to inflation, that means you might spend double the amount then estimates.

Same or similar price for the other alternatives such as tampons, etc.

But the Menstrual Cup will help you to buy a new golden/diamond necklace by saving unnecessary expenses on period necessities such as pads, tampons, etc.

Here is the calculation.

Which is best for you?

There are many Menstrual Cups available in the market, but we can not buy it without understanding its full uses and price.

How to use a Menstrual Cup during period

Menstrual Cup is used by so many types during period. But I am showing you the two basic and easy to insert method which are very convenient.

Folding methods for Menstrual Cup

There are various types of folding menstrual cup like shown in the following picture

Foldings of menstrual cup (Source: juju.com.au)

But following folds are very easy to insert so shown very deeply as follows


C-fold of menstrual cup (Source: periodnirvana.com)

Punch-Down Fold

Punch Down fold of menstrual cup (Source: periodnirvana.com)

Inserting method for Menstrual Cup

First of all you have to relax your muscles as much as you can.

Sit on the your comfortable position. Some people prefer to squat and some people prefer to stand with one leg upside higher. You can choose any of your choice which is comfortable for you and which makes your legs apart and you can easily insert the menstrual cup into your vaginal opening.

After inserting the menstrual cup into your vagina, make sure that the tail also should not visible outer side or around the vulva. Once the cup is inside, then take in your thumb or first finger into the vagina to ensure that no foldings are there of cup due to avoid leakage of blood. The two holes on the upper side of the menstrual cup helps to play the role of airtight.

Clear your doubts about Menstrual Cup

It is totally hygienic and safe to use due to its medical grade silicone flexibility.

Available in two sizes which are small and large.

It will not lost into your vagina because it is made by a doctor according to the human body structure. Menstrual cup will not go upside after a limited area in the vagina.

Tail should not be visible outerside of your body, it should be totally inside of your canal.

You can use the menstrual cup up to 8 to 12 hours depending upon your flow. 

If you are a unmarried girl or a married girl without any baby then you have to use smaller size of it. And if you have a kids then you should use larger size.


You can watch below videos to clear your doubts.

Guide for how to use a menstrual cup (Video Source: AllMatters)

Facts during inserting and extracting the Menstrual Cup

While inserting the menstrual cup with your hands into the vaginal opening, it means you have to clean your hands, menstrual cup and the vaginal opening very nicely before using the menstrual cup. Your hands should be properly washed 20 seconds before touching menstrual cup. Your menstrual cup should be sterilised and washed with the gentle wash comes with the menstrual cup or with the gentle soap like pears. And your vaginal opening should be properly clean with the plane water, just plane water without any soap or any intimate hygiene wash.

While extracting or taking out the Menstrual Cup with your hands you have to wash your hands with a mild soap or handwash and take your first index finger and thumb for extract or take out the Menstrual Cup from the canal. Just recognize where is the tail of Menstrual cup and insert your index finger slowly for getting the last portion of Menstrual cup just above the tail attached on. When you get the right way and you think that yes this is your cup starting from here,then just pinch your two fingers for free the air blockage and pull it down for take off out from your body.

Your Menstrual Cup must be sterilised at least once after stopping the first period and before reusing on the second periods of time.


  1. On the basis of so many pros (and somewhat cons if you are not maintaining proper hygine and careful about it) you must have to switch on Menstrual Cup