In our day to day life, we use water at every single work. And the main thing for which we are using the water is for drinking i.e. for intake. So how much pure water we are drinking? Is it enough pure or contaminated water?

So this article is for those who want to check their lifestyle purity and specifically the intaking things.

We will clear every question in this article regarding the water (for drinking). And still, if you have any doubts or queries about this article or any question regarding this topic then do let me know in the comment section below.

Q. 1. What we have to do?

So the first thing for our body is to be safe, eat healthy and drink pure and healthy.

For this the drinking water should be healthy and pure enough.

Q. 2. What we are doing?

You too know what everyone is doing… Even me…

No-one knows that our water is not totally pure even if it is of filtered water or mineral water.

But we drink any water which is available to us.

Yes, I do agree that everyone should drink more and more water throughout the day. And many of you might do following their little things. But it is also important to check what you are drinking.

Q. 3. What you drink?

Many people say that you should drink the filtered water or mineral water only and many of them also tell us that NO, we only that water have to drink which is in the continuing process available for us, even if it is filtered or tap water (provided by the government). It gives and provides the proper defense mechanism within us and suits us. And many people do not have enough money to purchase any water filter machine or any agency in which they will apply for purchase water bottle or have not any borewell too as per their requirement.

So I will tell you how to do your water as pure from which no-one disease will spread due to the contaminated water.

Q. 4. How to check?

If you are using filtered water which has a reverse osmosis system (RO system) then it is okay to use. But although if you have any doubt about your water, then you should do the further process which I am going to do for the people who drink the municipality’s provided water or of borewell which may be contaminated and may contain too much health disease-causing contents like lead.

You first have to check your water purity. This can be checked with the help of TDS checker meter.

I’ll recommend you this TDS detector which has a very good quality and ratings. You can purchase it from this link.


Water Purity Checker
Source : Amazon

And please go and do check it out at least once. Because nothing is more important than you health and life.

Q. 5. How to proceed further?

After checking the purity if your current drinking water, you will come to know how pure and how impure water you are drinking.

And so, then, as I told before, if you are drinking RO system water then it’s okay. But either you can follow the further processor can leave it.

Put your drinking water (even if you are drinking or using for cooking all in all it will be going through into your body), put it in a big Stainless Steel vessel. Leave it for a boil on gas and after somewhat cooling its temperature do strain it with a clean cotton cloth and use that water for drinking.

Please follow these steps as I told above and share this information to your loved ones and each and everyone. Nothing is more than your life.

If you have any suggestions, questions, queries or even if any complement related to this topic then please do let me know it in the comment section below.

Please take care of yourself.

Stay healthy! Stay positive!

Be smileful!

Make a big smile until you get dimple!

Thank you!