Nowadays all over the world is suffering from the virus name as Corona Virus which is originated and transferred from Wuhan City situated in China. The diseases from Corona that are Corona Virus Disease in 2019 so it is named as COVID-19.

Considering the effects of corona virus on human health, our government has decided to close all shops, schools, colleges, and everything except hospitals and police stations. And recommanded to everyone to stay at home for their safty. But after recognizing the challenging situation of everyone, government has took action by curfew and strictly warned not to leave home for some days (till next update), not to come outside of home and said to stay home and also take the basic precautions for that.

So here are some things actually these are the best things to do by sitting at home during the COVID-19 curfew.

1. Reading Books

Reading books is the always best thing in every type of situation. Even if there any corona virus or any holiday or even in the working time you have to read books. Reading books tooks you up and boost your intellect. Reading books is as close as to meditation and it gives you valuable knowledge. And thats why there too many sayings realted to books and one of those sayings about reading books is “there is no friend like a book”.

2. Discovering Google Maps Locations

Discovering google maps locations is the best thing to search and know about new things for travellers. These type of only timings which gives you more time you search your favourite travel place and go to roam for the travel lovers.

3. Telling Stories to Children

Telling stories to children is the one entertaining thing to children and also the adults are also do enjoy these moments with children. When we tell these of stories to children, also they got interest in listening it but also their thinking power and grasping power is also increases.

4. Learning and Teaching Survival Tips

As staying at home, we can do iur most of the work as of on mobile or PC. Also nowadays there is a terror of corona virus in the world, so we do go to the search and learn what are the survival tips regarding to the corona virus and how we can be safe from corona virus. And after research and learning also we have to tell all those survival tips to other people who are in our contacts and also teach those good habits to our children for being safe and stay healthy and hygienic.

5. Learning a Skill

If you are alone at home or interested in any type of art or something else then this tip is definitely workful for you. Learning a new skill is one of the best thing to be boost up self, for being confident. And as we enjoy that type of work so we don’t wanna miss it out and also we do it more and more for a longer time without getting bore.

6.Dancing and Singing Songs

If you are a music lover and love to dance or singing or even to listening music then this tip is for you. You can do more and more dance and do singing at every time during these days. And also during this time, you will not get bored due to your enjoying the music.

7. Playing Sitting Games

Playing sitting games especially all if it is indoor games. This is the type of playing at home which is enjoyable and entertaining by sitting at home with saving ourself from corona virus.

8. Reading and Telling Jokes

Reading and telling jokes is also related to read something and give and take knowledge all in all share your knowledge or say entertaining things in a fun medium. Jokes do boost our mind and refreshes us with happiness.

9. Writing and Composing

If anyone of you are like to write something or compose anything then this is the best part of yours. Writing our thinkings, emotions, any article about any situation or thing, a deep knowledge about anything or composing any lyrics, song or any shaayari is one of the best medium to give peace to our mind. It flows down from our heart to hand by head i.e. mind. You can also share it with your friends or on social media.

10. Cooking Experience

If you are a foody person or a cooking lover then this is the best part of your life that to cook by yourself and eat it. Eating our own prepared food gives us a pleasent peace to heart and mind. It gives the heaven feeling. Do try it at least once.

So these are some tips by me to you which we can do sitting at home at any time.

At last I’ll say that to follow the lock down rules, eat hygienic, stay hygienic and stay home.

Go Corona…! Go…!!