Corona Virus is a very serious issue nowadays. Everyone is with fear due to corona virus that if they got contact with sick person or if they get in touch with the corona affected areas or surfaces and got fall ill.
So for avoiding to fall sick, here we’ll say you some ways and one of it is disinfectant for corona virus.

Disinfectant for corona virus is actual one type of chemical which is used to kill bad bacteria and helps to stop the infection. It used mostly in hospitals and houses for disinfection.
In hospitals, it is used for cleanliness and and for not causing infections because there are most of the patients are there so disinfectant is mandatory for that to kill the viruses and stop infections to be grow.
Disinfectant is of alcohol based for example sanitizer and one another is of bleach as like of soap and handwash.
Doctors use sanitizers and recommend others who are away from home to use sanitizer as disinfectant for them. This kills the bacteria and viruses to be grown. But, don’t allow yourself near fire when you are with sanitizer application ex. in kitchen due to alcohol in the sanitizers because it catches up quickly the fire and due to this you can cause harm.

With a survey we got know that we have to wash our hands 7 (seven) times in a day or more than that and at every time we must have to wash upto 20 seconds for destroy the layer of bad bacteria. This will helps us to stay away from any infections, bacteria and viruses.

Stay Home! Stay Safe!