Corona Viruses are the group of viruses which cause the diseases in mammals and birds. In humans, they affect on respiratory system and causes common cold and in rare cases they forms can be lethal.

35°CCorona viruses vary at every situation significantly at in risk factor. Some can kill by giving some common cold with major symptoms, such as fever, cough, sneezing and sore throat. As the effect of corona viruses know human health is mostly like as of cold related and are occur generally in winter and cold seasons. So the cold weather also helps the corona viruses to be grow rapidly. But at the vice versa situation i.e. in summer (when there is sunny weather) , when there is the temperature is average at on 40 degree celsius, the corona viruses get destroyed due to the high temperature because high temperature is not suitable to corona viruses to be lived.

The viruses get spreads when we come in the contact with other person’s droplets of saliva. So, keep the safe distance approx. of 2m or more from the sick person or also if anyone is coughing or sneezing.

Always wear a mask and use one new mask daily. Don’t repeat one old mask on the other day. Once if the mask got into moist then replace it immediately.

Always use w clean handkerchief for when you are coughing or sneezing. And wash your hands thoroughly for 20 seconds on time to time. Because we don’t know how much our hands are clean and if they are clean then we don’t know are they really hygienic or not.

(As the corona viruses does not spread from air. It is situated on the surface area.)

Avoid touching your eyes, nose and ears.

Use your all personalized things clean and separate. Eg. Handkerchief, towel, etc.

At outdoor situations using of a alcoholic sanitizer is mandatory.

Drink lukewarm water and avoid eating fast food, cold drinks, ice-cream etc.

Gargle with hot water and salt. That will help you to kill the bad bacterias from throat and avoid to enter them into lungs.

Conclusion :-

Being safe is always a best medicine.