Everyone wants to be a perfect person in their life and most of them also try hard to achieve a great personality. And their hard work and consistency move them on to be extraordinary in their curriculum.

But there are also some important points that everyone must have to know that what is the actual “personality” meant to be and what our personal factors are affecting our personality and give out a drastic change into it.

And now before we get into the tips for build-up your personality, we are going to know what the actual term “personality” means. So, “the personality is the different qualities of a person’s character indicates that person’s uniqueness”.

So now, here are some important points that actually do matter so much for a great personality to every person.


In this, you have to reflect on yourself by your own qualities. There are so many qualities which matter the most and they are as follows:

1) Proper Appearance

For the great appearance, firstly you must have to dress-up properly. For that, you should choose the best clothing in which you feel comfortable and which actually suits you.

Don’t go with the trends, if you are not comfortable.

Just go with the casual in which you really feel better and confident.

Also make sure about the shoes, watch, accessories and more for a great appearance.

Because, remember that, the first impression is always the last impression.

2) Good Lookings

Now the second step for your positive reflections is your good lookings. Not only the dressing but also the appearance of good lookings matters into our personality.

In this, your personal hygiene plays a vital role in your good lookings.

Your hair should appear properly, your all the things should be placed nice and neatly.

And whatever you are wearing, just be comfortable in it and feel simply as casual as normal.

So make sure about your stuff that each and everything is placed properly and correctly.

3) Expressions

There is one another important thing that is your expressions. While you talk to someone or even you are listening to someone, there are expressions that do matter very much. Because expressions are the things that help to express your emotions to the other ones.

When you talk to someone then you have to use proper facial expressions as well as proper body language too.

Firstly you have to start your meeting with a nice smile. (Just a smile, limited smile, no laughing).

Secondly, you have to focus on your eye contact. (You have to talk with the confidence to the forth person with proper eye contact. Don’t be too horrible with others. Just focus on the conversing point and take a proper break to blink your eyes and also to see here and there with focusing on the front point).

Thirdly, you have to take a look at your facial expressions and body language. (You have to use proper facial expressions on perfect time in a perfect time limit. Proper smile, comfortable talk, avoid confusing faces or horrible lookings. Take proper body language on proper timing and in a certain time limit).

Due to which the person in front of you feels the positiveness from you and will definitely get interested to talk with you further more and more without getting bored.

4) Behavior

Your behavior is also a very important point of yourself to reflect your soul and your good thinkings to others.

Be happy with everyone all the time.

Be polite with self and others.

Ask for help from others.

Always live in present.

Make yourself capable to handle the situation.

And these things help to reflect your positiveness and the forth person will definitely gain the positive vibes from you.


Just be the real you. As much as you are realistic, you can express yourself much better.

1) Don’t pretend and don’t show off

Don’t pretend if you are feeling very low in comparison with others. And don’t show off to humiliate any other one.

2) No shyness, no lies

Don’t be shy if you are not getting anything. If there is a point then try to ask but don’t feel shy.

And don’t be lie anywhere. Be truthful in every situation.

3) No ego, no copy

Don’t show your self-esteem to others. Be real, be yourself. And never ever copy to others. Just find out your own style and go with it. Because, remember that, you have your own style and that never ever be stolen by others.

4) Go on with your own decisions with the good sense

If anywhere there is a point where you have to tell someone regarding something like any decisions then, if you really agree with it then say “YES” and if you are not then there is a BIG “NO” with a good sense and with the realistic thinking.

And here and one more point is coming that you have to learn to say “NO” if you do not agree with anything. If you want to refuse something, then say it clearly as “NO”. Don’t think about how the person will react or how will they feel about your negation. But later on, they will understand you and accept your decision because of your direct clarification and your frank conversation. 

5) Show your uniqueness

Always be particular at everything.

Read something daily which gives you information and boost-up your knowledge.

Be open-minded.

Show something new interests that the forth person will notice some specialty within you and will take more interest to talk with you.

Be interested in learning new things.

That’s how your different image will create to others and it will be your uniqueness and always be with it.


There are so many things to happen automatically but some things are how we have to initialize it first from us. This is how we have to do something new which is not happening but we are going to do it happen.

There are some small but important tips which are as follows:

1) Appreciate to others

Greet everyone with their positive points and make them smile.

2) Respect and Good Manners

Respect self as well as others.

Always remember the three magical words i.e. “excuse me”, “sorry” and “please” and use it whenever necessary.
For example, sneezing during a conversation, then say “excuse me” before disturbing the communication and say “sorry” after it. And if anywhere you want to make a polite request to anyone, then say “please” word.

Helping nature. Always ask for help if you think anywhere is necessary. Be a helping hand for others.

3) Be a good listener

For being a good listener you must have to make the practice of silence.

Don’t interrupt others when they are saying something and ask before changing the subject.

And think before responding anything.

4) Recognize forth person with whom you are conversing

During the conversation, you have to tell and ask the forth person, due to which two-way communication will happen and the person in front of you will be comfortable with you, and he/she will take interest to talk with you and he/she will enjoy the communication without getting bored.

During this, also take some new information and knowledge from them by proper questioning regarding their field and passion and the qualities in which he/she is perfect or matured.

5) Communication skills

This is a very small point but a very important point to improve your art of communication.
In which your talking style, your pronunciation, your clarification, all in all, your communicating skills must be proper.

These are some important tips that will definitely help you to build-up your personality.

And this improved personality will explore you and change your life.
It transforms your future and make you more responsible.