Good health and strong body without any disease is one of the most important things in this world. And as we know if we want to get a good health, we must have a good immune system. So if we do some work on ourself and increase immunity, then we can get good acquired immune system. In this article we will learn how to get acquired immune system by increasing immune to disease. And this immune defence will definitely helps us to fight other diseases which is harmful our health.

Home Remedies for Fighting COVID-19 –

So here are some home remedies which are very useful to increase our immunity for healthy body specially during COVID-19 virus.

  1. Drink a lot of lukewarm water on time to time within a day (upto 8 to 10 glasses).
  2. Doing Yoga is best for our health and mind. So do at least 30 minutes of Yogabhyas in your daily routined life.
  3. Use turmeric, cumin, coriander, garlic in your daily meal.
  4. At every morning do intake of one tablespoon of Chyawanprash.
  5. Do intake the Decoction (Kadha) which is prepared from Tulsi leaves, cinnamon (dalchini), pepper (kaali mirch), dry gourd (dry ginger i.e. sookhi adarak) and dry grapes (raisins). Drink this decoction (kadha) once or twice a day.
  6. Drink milk with turmeric (Haldi Milk) once or twice a day.
  7. Put down sesame oil, coconut oil or ghee into your nose twice a day at morning and evening.
  8. Gargle daily with sesame oil or coconut oil for 2 to 3 minutes. (Then after rinse with lukewarm water).
  9. If you are having sore throat or dry cough then do steam with hot water of peppermint (pudeena) or celery (ajavain).
  10. Eat clove powder with jaggery or honey. Do this twice or thrice in a day.

So these are the natural ingredients whose help us to stay safe naturally but very useful home remedies for increase power i.e. simply human immunity. And this acquired immunity system helps us to stay healthy and can live lifelong afterwards.

Will meet you soon with another new update and new interesting articles. Till then take care of yourself.

Stay Safe! Stay Home! Stay Happy! Stay Healthy!

Thank you so much!