Hello, my dear friends, how are you? I hope you all are going good.

All of us have many teachers in our life. From parents to The college Professors everyone teach us many important things.

But do you know from where we get the actual teaching?

That is from our own life. Because Life is the only teacher which tells us the correct and most legitimate answers of each question.

From technical to the social part, our experience in own’s life teach us everything.

So, in this article we are going to know all about Actual Teaching.

What is the Actual Teaching?

A small child who is just started walking, talking and knowing new things, who is nurturing and sacrament by his parents, and will explore to himself in the world. But before exploring and knowing the other things you must have to question yourself that actually “Who am I?”

Recognize yourself

Now come on the first point that to recognize yourself. You have to do self-analysis, and by this, you can know yourself much better.
For that, first, you have to think and note down all the points which like you, which dislikes you, which makes you happier, which makes you sad. Know about your fear, your passion, understand your strength, know your capacity, know your resilience, know about your limitations and much more stuff which includes your all plus and minus points.
This is the way that you can know yourself very better.

So, the self recognition is the main task to

Think and Act

After your self-analysis, you’ll gain the list of all your stuff. After knowing this, the second step is to act on the problems. Because until you scroll from ‘thinking’ to ‘action’, the problem will remain the same as “problem”. So to get the solution on it you must have to “act” on those problems.

When you start to act on those problems, you’ll get solutions for each of the problems and then gradually you will clear all your doubts.
And the final result will be your “success.”

Tips and Tricks for Improvement

  1. Be honest with yourself and just think about how well do you know yourself.
  2. Accept yourself with all of your points, especially negative points. Because until you aren’t able to accept yourself, you can’t able to move you on towards the solution.
  3. Be comfortable with all of your points then work and find the remedy to overcome the problems.
  4. Be yourself. Stop being someone else.
    Never ever copy to others. Just do some new work or try something new by yourself, that other people must have got to do your copy.
  5. You’ll get too many people in your whole life but all the people even a small child teach you something in your life. But you must have to be the first teacher of yourself.
    On this occasion of Teacher’s Day, be the best teacher of yourself.

Happy Teacher’s Day to all of you my dear friends!


Meditate yourself and read as much as you can.
Be comfortable and be confident with your own.
Always remember that “one unsuccessful period is not to go in depression but it is one more chance to prove yourself much better than before.”

All the best for your future!
Stay blessed! Stay happy and smileful until you get dimple…